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Is the integration of mecanical inputs and outputs with computers.

For example: control systems.

1.) We can sense pressure, temperature, alarms, liquids,
levels, times, sound, etc.
2.) We can then control temperature, lights, air exchange,
motion, access, sound, etc.

Typical Benefits:

Comprehensive Information and Activity Tracking and Reporting.

Easy to Install & Use
Menu Driven
No Commands to learn
On-Line "Help" System
Very Flexible and Feature Rich
Helps You Manage Priorities
Edit & Reprint Information
Print to Screen, Printer, or File
Pop-up History
Fast Tables Point To Data
Maintains Detailed Information
Efficient & Fast Entry
Numerous Reports
Print Invoices, Labels, Etc.
Saves Comments
Full To-Dos & Scheduling
Supports Multiple Printers
Free Phone Help To Get Started
File Integrity Protection
Unlimited File Sizes
Built-In Data Exports
Built-In Backup and Restore
Runs On Any DOS, or Windows (3.1, 95, 98, NT), or OS/2 Based P.C.
Network Available
Use Any Monitor (Color Preferred)

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