Micro Perfect Corporation


To ongoingly demonstrate that we are one of
America's Great Automation Implementation Companies.

We will achieve our mission via the following    STRATEGY:

1.) We will create software and other automation (herein "products and services")
that can ultimately lead to the improvement of the quality of life
for all men, women and children, and

2.) We will implement products and services which
enhance the results and effectiveness of our clients in business,
government, and all other forms of organizations, and

3.) We will enlighten, equip, and empower industry in the areas of
Productivity and Workflow Improvement, Operations Management,
Records Management, Accounting and Business Controls,
Sales and Marketing, Product Development, Human Resources,
and Executive and General Management, and

4.) We will elevate the values and intentions of both ourselves
and those we interact with by demonstrating on our own core values
of enlightened planning, hard work, innovation, quality results,
charity, fairness, human rights and equality, animal and planetary rights,
community and public service, and continuing education.

Revised: January 20, 2004  ... but on the internet since it began ...
Copyright (c) Micro Perfect Corporation and Greg Fischer

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E-mail:   info@microperfect.com
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Telecom:   Voice: (631)727-9639, Fax: (631)727-9638

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